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Instagram launches 2022 Recap templates for Reels

Instagram have launched their year-end recap of 2022, running through the musical trends that defined the year on the social media app.

As with Spotify Wrapped and TikTok’s most popular songs list, Instagram have shared the songs and artists who have ruled the app’s Reels function this year, as well as sharing tailored year-end content from the likes of Bad Bunny and Stranger Things actor Priah Ferguson.

The list of the top songs featured on Instagram Reels across 2022 are Harry Styles‘ ‘As It Was’, Jack Harlow‘s hit ‘First Class’ and Kate Bush‘s resurgent chart-topper ‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)’.

Elsewhere, the 2022 Recap template on Reels arrives for users to be able to “reflect on the meaningful moments shared this year.” They can do so using “narrated templates” from Bad Bunny, DJ Khaled and Priah Ferguson, allowing them to share up to 14 photos to compile into a year-end Reel.

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