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Instagram adds the capacity to display up to 5 links in your profile bio

Instagram has launched one of its most requested feature updates, giving users the ability to add up to five links in their IG bio, expanding on its capacity to drive traffic.

The update was announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on 18 April, 2023, on his Instagram broadcast channel. In the short announcement, Zuckerberg said that the increased link limit is “probably one of the most requested features we’ve had”.

By introducing this option, Instagram is challenging Linktree and Beacons. The latter actually appeared due to similar platform limitations, as the new feature was one of the most popular requests, particularly among creators.

Instagram assures that the ability to add multiple links to the profile will be available for all accounts. To do this, you need to click “Edit profile”, then “Links” and “Add external link”. Links can be specified in any order.

External links will not have special settings such as small icons. But the link to the Facebook profile will look “more serious” – with a rounded icon of the social network and the inscription “Facebook Profile”. Also, users should have no problem with links to competing platforms such as TikTok or YouTube.

Previously, Instagram and other social networks did not allow followers to add multiple links to other sites for a long time. In doing so, they feared it would direct users to content outside of their own apps.

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